Convert Your Memories

Do you have many memories sitting in a box in a closet that are on 35mm slides? 

The projector is gone and the screen is cracked, so there thy lie.  Consider having us place those slides on a CD so you and your family can once again enjoy those memories from your computer.

You will be surprised at the quality and pleased with the cost.

Here is the same slide, the one on the left as it scanned and the one on the right processed with a "scratch and dust removal" process.

The 'circles' on the left picture highlight the imperfections in the slide, but you will notice that those imperfections are all but removed on the right picture.

To see a larger, more detailed image, click on the picture.

Normal Processing Scratch Removal
Click on me to see a much larger image.  Notice the 'circle' areas.   Click on me to see a larger image.  Notice that the imperfections are gone.
Cost Per Slide - $ 0.30   Cost Per Slide - $ 0.50
Additional CD copies - $ 8.00 each   Additional CD Copies - $ 8.00 each

As you go through your new images and see certain slides that you would want to have the "Scratch Removal" processed applied, we will re-scan those slides at the normal processing rate of $ 0.30 per slide.  Additional CDs copies in this case will be provided for $ 4.00 per CD.

If you are wondering how your slides would turn out, bring over a dozen and we can try a test scan.











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