The Informer

Records Management for Law Enforcement

The Informer is a comprehensive Records Management System that fully meets the needs of today's Law Enforcement Agencies. Designed by Law Enforcement Agencies, the flow of the system closely mimics the daily activities of a Law Enforcement Officer. The Informer has the capability of being accessed from the Police Car via CDPD wireless Internet connectivity.

Operational Features

The success of any application needs to be measured in terms of how the User interfaces to the system, and the level of control that the Department has over the structure of the application. The Informer offers:

*   Structured Menus that have been designed to provide access to The Informer in accordance to job functions within the Department.

*   On-line, context sensitive help for all fields in the system as well as screen level help.

*   Control of the screens through standard Function Keys, which are displayed on each screen.

*   Completely Integrated data sets. Information within the system needs to be entered only once, and all appropriate files are updated and maintained automatically.

*   Complete Functionality. The Informer has been built to include all functions and features that are required by today’s Police Department.

Master Name Index

The Master Name Index is that portion of the system that replaces the index card that is often utilized to track all activity that an Individual or Business has had with the Department. Current demographic information on that party is maintained here, as well as a summary history of all prior interactions. By simply moving to one of these summary items and pressing a Function Key, the complete record of that activity is presented without leaving the Master Name Index. Incidents, Arrests, Non-Traffic and Traffic Citations, Warrants, and Daily Shift Entries are all accessible from the Master Name Index.

This file has multiple cross references to assist in the rapid retrieval of information. Specific addresses, Operator Licenses, Social Security Numbers as well as portions of the name are the basic ways to retrieve a record. Individual records may have unlimited Alias Id’s associated with them. In addition, you may retrieve records for a specific street if required.

Special Instructions may be associated with each record. Here you are able to note information that will directly assist Department Personnel that need to interact with that Individual or Business. If a person has had a history of violent behavior, or if there are dangerous items within a business, you will no longer have to rely on memory or word of mouth to pass that information along.

The Incident Record

The Incident Record contains the complete history that is associated with a specific incident, including Arrest, Victims, Witnesses, Offenders, Offenses and Property information. Unlimited Narrative is available to maintain a progress summary associated with an incident. This Narrative can be queried on when performing context sensitive query reporting, thus becoming a strong investigative tool.

Specific Incidents may be retrieved by simply entering the Incident number, or the name of an individual or business that was associated with that Incident. It is not necessary to build a report to see what Incidents John Smith has been associated with in The Informer.

The Informer has a wealth of functional features within it, and has been constructed to complement and enhance the daily operations of the Department. Accurate and timely information is critical to the successful administration and operation of today’s Police Department. The Informer provides that information through many functions and standard operational reports. Two such examples are:

The Daily Log Report. The Daily Log Report, or Day Sheet, maintains a history of all activity that has occurred on a shift. Call for Service information is automatically added to the Daily Log when Incidents are created. Other information such as Business Checks, Traffic Duty, etc. are easily added to the Daily Log from the Dispatcher’s menu. The Daily Shift Report file provides an excellent way to demonstrate time and resource requirements placed on your Department over the course of time.

The Master Vehicle File. The Master Vehicle File maintains a history of all interactions that your Department has had with a specific vehicle in a similar fashion as the Master Name Index. Traffic Citations, as well as Owners and Stolen Requests from officers in the field update this file automatically. This again can prove to be a powerful investigative tool when a vehicle of unknown origins is associated with an investigation. The Master Vehicle File helps to avoid the "...wasn’t there a car parked..." questions.

Standard Functions and Files

The following is a partial list of files that are standard with The Informer.

*   Master Name Index

*   Non-Traffic Citations

*   Warning Notices

*   Incident Records

*   Location Check Requests/Reports

*   Traffic Accident Reports

*   Arrest Records

*   Master Vehicle File

*   Magistrates Transmittal

*   Property and Evidence

*   Traffic Citations

*   Department Inventory

*   Wants and Warrants

*   Parking Violation Citations


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