Public Safety Solutions

Tulip Systems has been offering solutions to State and Local Government agencies since 1989. 

Tulip Systems main products include computer information solutions for Law Enforcement and Police (both Regional and Local), Fire Department Records Management, Emergency Management Personnel, First Responders and Fund Accounting for Local Governments

The Informer

Tulip Systems has addressed the Record Management requirements of today’s Law Enforcement Agencies are far more complex than in the past. The Informer offers a robust solution to those record keeping requirements.  The Informer is a complete solution where there is no need to choose on required functionality on the basis of available funds.  More information on The Informer is available here.


TUPPER is an acronym for Technology Utilization Pilot Project for Enhancing Resources.  In 1995, Tulip Systems assisted seven Police Department Clients in submitting a proposal to the United States Department of Commerce for funding to link all seven Departments together via e-mail.  The actual site is rather simple in design since it is accessed over wireless Internet, which is a very slow speed connection. 

Tulip Systems is proud to say that over 1,800 applications for funding were submitted and the TUPPER Project was one of 108 awarded funding.  With the TUPPER e-mail system, Departments began to exchange criminal intelligence information as well as contact information that they had with individuals.

The project was such a success that the number of Departments that have joined the TUPPER Network has grown to over 30 in a few short years.  A White Paper on TUPPER highlights the project's history.



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