Virus and Spy Ware Problems

Computer viruses are programs that have been designed by someone who has far too much time on their hands and the damage that they inflict ranges from a minor annoyance to the complete loss of your hard drive.  They are introduced to your computer in a variety of ways, including opening an e-mail attachment or simply visiting a malicious web site.

Spy Ware is yet another form of annoyance, though far less malicious than a virus.  Spy Ware is designed to inform someone on the Internet what Web Sites you have visited so they can pump advertising data to your computer.  This is generally seen in those annoying pop-up windows that appear from out of nowhere.

We can rid your machine of these pests and offer suggestions as to how avoid re-introducing them to your computer in the future.



Virus and Spy Ware Services

Remote Support

From Our Office At Your Location



Malware Removal

  • Rremove viruses and Spyware from your computer.  If your computer has an existing Anti-Virus program installed, upgrade the program to the latest Virus Signature definitions.

$ 75.00

$ 100.00 $ 125.00


  • Install the Anti-Virus software of your cholce (if requested) on 1 additional computer and scan for viruses.


N/A $ 50.00


  • If a high speed Internet connection is available, configure Anti-Virus to maintain the latest signature definitions






  1. Hardware and Software costs are not included.  We can acquire the necessary hardware if you so require or advise you on what will be need to be purchased to compete your installation.
  2. Cost of software is not included.

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