Training and Assistance

Now that you have your new toy - what happens next?

Need to know how to work that new digital camera or how to get around the Internet?  Not sure what to look for in purchasing a new computer?  We are able to get you up to speed on these and many other training issues.

We offer several plans that will help get you quickly up to speed on how to use that new camera or piece of software.  And if we do not feel we have the highest level of confidence in training you, we will let you know that fact and help you find the correct resource.

Or are you considering purchasing a new computer or printer and have not a clue as to what is the best solution in terms of price and performance.  We can share our experiences with you in these matters and even accompany you to the store to make your purchase.

Limited to one store only.  Additional excursions to other stores are available for $ 40.00 per store

Being Threatened By Virus and Spyware on your computer?

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