Your New Computer

So you have purchase a new, faster computer and then you open the box.  Suddenly the phrase "Some Assembly Required" take a whole new meaning.

We would be happy to help you get that new computer up and running with the "look and feel" of your former computer.  We will not walk away with you wondering 'Now What?'.  And feel free to give us a call if you have a "What About..." question.

New Computer Installation


Remote Support

From Our Office At Your Location




Computer Setup

  • Physically setup one (1) PC Computer System and configure the Windows Operating System. Moving old data to the new machine is included.
N/A $ 100.00 $ 150.00



  • Install one (1) of your personal software programs on the computer


Included Included


  • Configure your Anti-Virus software to maintain the latest signature definitions





  • Configure your new computer to access your existing Internet email account.
N/A Included Included  

Data Transfer

  • We will move your important files and data from your old computer to your new system


$ 75.00 $  100.00 E


  1. Hardware costs are not included.  We can acquire the necessary hardware if you so require or advise you on what will need to be purchased to compete your installation.
  2. Once the computer has been activated, we will:
    • Install one (1) additional device, such as a printer
    • Remove all 'promotional' and 'trial version' software
    • Setup automatic updates for Windows related security issues.
  3. Install other software programs from your CD's for a fee to $ 25.00 per CD.
  4. Any additional cables are not included.
  5. Programs cannot be move, only data files.  Data associated with specific programs can be moved but may not be accessible.
  6. Any additional services, such as integrating a Wireless network will be provided at a 50% rate of our schedule when installing a new computer.
  7. Operational Software may be required at an additional costs.  Many new computers come with "Trial Versions" which expire in months of activation.


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