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Are you considering getting your home or office connected to the Internet but have do not a firm feeling as to what the best options available are?  Tulip Systems does not provide Internet connectivity, but we will help remove the mystery (and financial considerations) that surrounds the many choices of connectivity, including dial-up, cable or DSL connections.

Or are you concerned that your Children may be exposed to items that are not in their best interest.  Do you have the best tools installed on your computer that will restricted adult sites or other potentially dangerous sites from your children?  The Internet can provide a wealth of enjoyment and information but like life, one needs to be prepared for the worst.

Internet Solutions

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Off Site


Connection Questions

  • Not sure what is the best available high speed Internet connection to purchase, give us a call for a free consultation.


No Charge






Broadband Internet Setup

  • We will establish and configure the connection to your providers Internet and setup the connectivity on your computer.

$ 130.00

Not Available






Internet Firewall Installation

  • Install and configure a Net Gear firewall to protect your computer(s) from intrusion and theft from the Internet.  Configure all computers to take advantage of this protection

$ 130.00

Not Available







Internet Safety

  • We will discuss your concerns over the safety of your child on the Internet and recommend solutions that will address those concerns.  We will install up to 2 programs that will allow you more parental control over the situation.

$ 130.00

Nor Available







  1. Hardware costs are not included.  We can acquire the necessary hardware if you so require or advise you on what will be need to be purchased to compete your installation.
  2. Additional costs may be incurred for patch cables and wiring services.  You will be quoted a written estimate for those fees prior to the start of the installation
  3. Cost of software is not included.
  4. Yes, free as in no charge for a phone consultation to discuss your goals and needs and what you might expect for the “most bang for your buck”.


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