Computer Services

Tulip Systems will provide computer and network support for the home or office with the same professional and quality service.

There is no job large or small that we are unwilling to become involved with.  And once you are given a price for a service, that is what the cost will be until the issue has been resolved.  (This pledge does not include hardware or other 3rd party support.)

We offer both service at your home or office or we will pick up and deliver your refreshed machine back to you at your convenience.  If you are unable to find the exact nature of your problem below, please give us a call at (412) 653-1100 or send us an e-mail so we can discuss your problem.

Virus and Spyware Problems

These little pests can drive you crazy and bring out the urge to take a hammer to a once perfectly normal machine.  If you are bothered by unsolicited pop-up windows or a machine that has become slow and unresponsive, this may be the problem.

AntiVirus 2010 is the most common problem with machines and it can be very difficult to remove.  If you are suddenly presented with a Web Page that warns you that your computer has a billion viruses, do not click anything!  Simply hold in the power button and you will probably escape the pest.

Systems Upgrade and New Machine Installation

Are you wondering if you can get a little more service time from the old machine?  Or are you up against more information to store on that old hard drive?  Perhaps you just received a new machine and the prospect of getting it operational has the same appeal as going to the dentist?  We can offer you help.

Networking Solutions

Is it time for your business to get the most out of your investment in computers by building or improving existing your network?  Or has that extra machine at home in need of getting to the Internet also?  We specialize in both wired and wireless networks.

Internet Solutions

Not sure what the best option to obtain to get on the Internet?  Who might offer high speed internet services in your are?  Are you concerned that there may be a safety issue when it comes to your children and the Internet? Valid questions that we can help provide the best solution for the most reasonable price.

Training and Assistance

Need to know how to work that new digital camera or how to get around the Internet?  Not sure what to look for in purchasing a new computer?  We are able to get you up to speed on these and many other training issues.



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