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Tulip Systems, Inc. has been providing services and software solutions to individuals, organizations and local governments in South Western Pennsylvania since 1989.  Our goal has always been to deliver the best service and solution for the most affordable price.

In the fall of 2006, we introduced our newest product, PittsburghBusinesses.net.  PittsburghBusinesses.net is a Web Site that is dedicated to Businesses solely located in Allegheny County.  The concept of PittsburghBusinesses.net started with our frustration on locating businesses in Allegheny County or Pittsburgh on the major search engines.

The major search engines, when searching for Businesses in Allegheny County or Pittsburgh, placed the true targets of the query well behind those paying to be be displayed as Businesses in Allegheny County or Pittsburgh.

With PittsburghBusinesses.net, a query can be initiated that will result in showing only Businesses in Pittsburgh or Allegheny County.

There is also a comprehensive listing of Restaurants in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.  There are many dining opportunities at numerous restaurants in Pittsburgh or Allegheny County, and PittsburghBusinesses.net can isolated them down to a community of your choice.  So if you are looking for Italian Restaurants in Pittsburgh, or just Chinese restaurants in Allegheny county, we would invite you to visit http://www.PittsburghBusinesses.net to find the dining of your choice.

We offer a variety of services to individuals that are having difficulties with their computer problems, or need some advice on computers in general, or alternatives when it comes to entering that mystical arena of technology.  So if you are experiencing:

Then it may be time to give us a call for a reasonable solution to your problems.



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